Wednesday, December 1, 2010

oop and binary modules can interfaces be registered with the operating system
a binary module implements the generic interface,and adds its basic info into registry/config file

system wide parser reads the registry/config file and locates the binary and calls the exported
interface.based on the response its loaded.once its loaded other interfaces can be registered from it

2.can 2 binaries , upper and lower extend dynamically
ie suppose lower is not loaded we get the functionality of only upper,once lower is loaded
it shadows the functionality in upper

requirement, the upper should have exported functions,an object of lower should have exported functions that a third entity can access

a third entity should control the master interface of upper and lower,it needs to keep track of where upper is loaded and where lower is loaded

the third entity should be able to access v table of lower that it can write to
3.the system has 2 dlls that implement addition in 2 different ways
the 2 dlls have same interface
whenever a client instantiates a type of that interface,what we need is that
the objects method pointers should be mapped to dll1 or dll2


5.good pluging tutorial

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